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Medtech Investor Support

DW Medtech Advisory, through its Medtech Matchmaker™ process, provides research, due diligence and recommendations to qualify the right deal for investors. Potential investors in medtech start-ups need to fully evaluate the disruptive and complex technologies that are new to the market, if not the world. The return on investment is heavily dependent on identifying the risks associated with the newly launched medical technology or process.

These risks can include: unresolved design issues, inability to economically scale up manufacturing; difficulties with the intellectual property (both patents and know-how) for the product or process; compliance inconsistencies; or poor quality. The Medtech Matchmaker™ process assesses these factors in parallel and coordination with the financial due diligence team, and coordinates a comprehensive risk management approach to qualify target companies. The end result is to increase the likelihood of successful value creation.

Medical Device Investment Services

The Medtech Matchmaker™ can assist investors by:


Qualifying the most promising technology candidates by utilizing IP mapping, and evaluating the technology, clinical and therapeutic landscapes.


Assessing the success factors for a successful match through careful product definition, and setting technology, clinical, operational and quality priorities.


Assessing the goodness of fit of a candidate to the success factors.


Advising throughout the deal, particularly with gap analyses and development of strategic plans for filling gaps.


Acting as an honest broker on both sides of the relationship. DW Medtech Advisory will facilitate clear communications and understanding for both the buy-side and sell-side teams with regard to product strategy and implementation.